"Kuickklips, Increase your panel life quicker and easier forming and stripping, panel life, setup, stripping, Never need a pry bar again with Kuickklips.

Kuickklips, The new foundation wall clip spreader cleat ply spacer.

Kuickklips are a long overdue update to the old standard foundation clip. Use the Kuickklip for quicker and easier forming and stripping.

Forming, See the advantages when forming with Kuickklips versus the old standard clip. Stripping see the advantages when stripping with Kuickklips versus the outdated standard clip. The Retro clip or Retroclip. Why are flared ends such an advantage. Panel life, kuickklips wont dif into, scrape or damage panels like other clips will. Setup flared ends act as guides for smooth setup. Stipping no more pry bars and frustration just a hammer will release a kuickklip.

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